When Do I Get to be an Adult?

When do I get to be an adult?

I grew-up just at the time that people were being conditioned to stop calling adults Mr. and Miss., and Mrs.

First, we were brainwashed with the nonsense word ‘Ms.’, which although spelled with a period was short for nothing.

Literally, nothing.

And the stupid masses bought it. Did you buy it? Were you now a “€œfeminist”?

What self-respecting woman buys into a confidence game?


The manipulation of society is unbelievable. The effectiveness is almost admirable. Certainly remarkable.

Very, very sad and frightening, too.

After the Rural Purge, the quest was on to infantilize the country and turn us all into children inside the same classroom.

We were all peers. We were all friends. We were all children.

No-one got to be called mister, or miss, or missiz. No-one would ever again be allowed to reach adulthood.

No-one was to hear and feel the recognition by society, by the community, by acquaintances who were not their friends that he or she had finally reached adulthood.

Except Mr. Trump.

So, now in the United States of America there is just one adult man who can be addressed as such.


The rest of us are just kids in the same classroom, the same school-ground, the same age.

The self-help, psychological community has clamored for ‘boundaries’€™ in all these decades, yet no-one in those communities has ever noticed or addressed this phenomenon.


The social address of adults with these terms are boundaries. Boundaries that are respectful and, in contrast to the fake ‘Ms.’, non-reactionary, non-judgmental, non…nonsense.

To recognize this would have required awareness of your surroundings, independence of thought, and, perhaps, one could say…adulthood.

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